Be Good To Yourself…

Sometimes in life you try your best, but don’t succeed. You get what you want, but not what you need. You feel so tired, but you cannot sleep…ok, I’m quoting ‘Fix you’ by Coldplay.

But those qords are actually true, and sometimes you just gotta be that person that’ll fix you. There’s only so much the outside world can do to bring back the spark in you, but the rest is up to you. It is up to you to bring yourself back to the light.

How do we do this? By waking up each day, and reminding ourselves that we are worth every ounce of oxygen goin into our lungs. That we will cease every opportunity that the universe throws at us, and strive to male the most out everything we have in our lives…including the people that love and care of us.

Its very easy to fall into depression, and drown into the dark doubtful thoughts we have in our heads. It takes courage, however, to remove that chip off your shoulder and face the world “head held high”.