my little monkey…

I just cannot get enough of my bambino. Every time I see his face, and hear his laughter…I still pinch myself in disbelief that this little soul belongs to me. His voice makes me forget all of the world and focus on him. My baby. My little monkey…

I think back on days when I would feel him kick inside of me. Hahaha…what a strange experience! I remember one day,.I was on a taxi home from work, hungry as hell. I bought a packet of bananas from the fruit lady. Not even a minute went past, then this little alien inside of me started dancing and kicking..I was convinced he could taste my food. I still am. I’d have umphokoqo, and within seconds the little monkey would start kickingand jerking inside my belly. Lmao!!!

The day he was born was both a nightmare, and a dream come to life. A nightmare cos it was freaking painful…not even I could describe it. The contractions were on some other level. Anaesthetics would only do so much. My body was just doing its own physiological shit…and all I could do was just to let it happen. I heard his cry, and dear God, tears came welling on my eyes. It was such an incredible experience. A dream come true, cos I could finally get to meet this little person that had been hibernating inside of me for months. His beautiful little face…his little cry (he almost sounded like a little puppy). From the day he first smiled at me, and cried at my dad’s frightening deep voice…to the sleepless nights of colic, to calm warm baths, I watched my little man come into his own. Now, we fight about all kinds of things…from him grabbing the spoon and wanting to feed himself, to grabbing the puppies by their ears and trying to figure out “what the hell are these things”. Or the pulling of cables and trying to figure out where all the people inside the tv come from.

When they say a child brings light and joy to the soul…its all true. Today, my heart melts at the sound of my child saying “mama”…at the sight of his beeming bright face. His smile. His laughter…and OH MY GOD, his naughtiness. I listen to him laugh, and I hear my own voice from his. I look at him smile, nd I see bits of my mom in him. My mom sees my dad in him. His father sees me in him, I see him in him.

I had always imagined having some bambinos of my own…even had names thought out and shit…but this has surpassed all of the things I had imagined. My child is incredible (ofcourse every proud mother feels that way)…and I could not have asked for a gift much greater than my little monkey.

I dnt even know what more to say…my heart is just melting with love. A love even I cannot describe.

To Hlumelo…my little monkey. MWA!!!


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