This thing called love…

“Love is but a beautiful war”…I made up that quote, but its quite true. I’ve just come from a long weekend spent with my boyfriend, this after we had just had one of our “I hate u” fights. We live in two different cities, and have been dating for three years. So every now and then, when over a month passes without being together…the internal rage and frustration of being in a long-distance relationship takes its course.

But while I was lying in his arms, after a night of drunken passion, I realized that we must really be out of our minds in love with each other to be able to have survived so much torture of being away from the person you love. As much as we have our fights…to the point where we both seriously feel like letting go and just living through the agony of heartbreak…we somehow manage to anchor ourselves, and opt for the highway instead. I guess the fact that we are each other’s best friend has quite a lot to do with the fact that we can’t stay mad at eachother for long…OH, TRUST ME I’VE TRIED!

I’d swear to myself that I wouldn’t talk to him no matter how much I dreaded it. a day would be too long…already I’m besides myself with insanity,.missing him, and wanting to share something funny I’d just seen or some random thoughts. To the point where, even if I’m still mad at him, the sound or his voice is like an anesthetic to my pain. The one thing that we truly value is our love for one another, our friendship, and the future that we both want and dream about…for us, and for our son.

So, yes…this thing called love is not a walk in the park. I’ve only been with my man for three years, I can’t imagine twenty years from now…but I do see us there.


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